It's Started

I’ve Started on Book 3

With the publication of Books I and II of The First Dynasty Series, I simultaneously began planning for the third and final Book in the series.

Since if I told you what the third book is about I would have to send Apep priest assassins to kill you, suffice it to say that this tale will take the Series to new heights (at least that’s my plan).

I have developed an outline and fleshed it out, although I typically continue to add to it as I write. Next, I started on my character descriptions, which are critically important to me. That’s where I add distinctive personality traits, quirks, behaviors and the like. Finally, last week I started in on Chapter 1… and came to a grinding halt! I needed to add a new character. What would his name be? Will he reappear later and so need more fleshing out? Do I need to take out the trash right this minute honey? As they say, life gets in the way sometimes. Stay tuned for more.

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