The Dagger of Isis Coming in Audio

March promises to be an exciting month for us. As of this past Saturday, we have begun the narration for The Dagger of Isis, the second novel in The First Dynasty Series,.

The kickoff novel in the series, The First Pharaoh, has been available in audio format for about two months now. It is being sold on and on Reviews have been quite good, in large part due to the captivating narration by Adam Hanin. You can hear a sample of his narration before you order.

The Book

The Dagger of Isis, already available in softcover and e-book, describes the life of Meryt-Neith, the first King of a united Egypt. In those early Dynasties, the word Pharaoh had not yet come into use. Pharaoh means the “big house,” a reference to the huge palaces that later Dynasties built.

Meryt-Neith served as Regent for her son until he came of age. That 17-year rule was one of the most incredible periods in Egyptian history. She was so revered, her tomb was built on one of the holiest spots in ancient Egypt. However, as I bring to life in the novel, her rule was not without its challenges. She suffered self-doubt that made her stronger. She experienced tragic loss, and enduring love. She felt the stinging wounds of betrayal, yet she was strong enough to save her country from invaders. I’m looking forward to Adam bringing the story to life.

The Process

For those of you who are interested in the process, we start with my sending notes to Adam with how I feel the names of the characters and towns should be pronounced, along with my thoughts on the personalities of the characters. If there are questions, Adam will ask me to clarify.

With my book before him, Adam secludes himself in his home professional recording studio and begins narrating. The rules of Audible require that he sends me the first 15 minutes for approval. Once that is done, Adam proceeds to narrate the entire first chapter. Our arrangement calls for Adam to send me each chapter as it is completed so we can catch mishaps before they are repeated.

Once I listen to the chapter, I send Adam a note with comments. If corrections are needed, he makes them and sends me the revised chapter for final approval. We continue until the entire book is done.


Once the book is posted on Audible and Amazon, the process of marketing begins. I see it as an opportunity to let my readers know about its availability. But it’s also a good time to remind my readers of how important it is for them to post their review of the book or audio just as soon as they are done.

Some bloggers who know and enjoy my writing get in touch and soon I may be interviewed or be asked to write a guest blog. In any case these marketing efforts are fun and a chance to connect with my very passionate readers.

… And You

In today’s fast-pace world, readers want to hear how others liked the work, so they can judge whether it might work for them. That’s where you come in and for each of you who has taken the time to post a review I am so very grateful. Thank you!

Publishing today is really more of a true partnership between authors and readers. Feedback is important, and also instantaneous. The more detailed the review, the better readers can judge whether that work is really for them.

I will keep you posted on how the audio progresses. In the meantime I am hard at work writing the final volume in The First Dynasty Series, and man, is it fast-paced and full of drama, conflict, and other good stuff. Stay tuned!

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