My Novels- FREE!

Here’s an exciting opportunity! This week, the Historical Novel Review website is featuring my two Ancient Egypt novels. I wrote a guest blog for the site, and was interviewed by them. Both are online right now.

If you simply post a comment on my guest blog, you are eligible for one of five signed, soft-cover copies of each novel… FREE! My guest blog is a candid and revealing look at why I write.

My first novel in the three-book series is The First Pharaoh, about the life, loves, battles and court intrigue surrounding King Narmer, the man who first united Upper and Lower Egypt under one rule in 3,100 B.C. The book is getting mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

The sequel is The Dagger of Isis, which is about Narmer’s great-granddaughter, the first female ruler of Egypt, who served for 17 years as regent until her son came of age. Her life was not easy, as her rivalry with her cousin framed her life amidst wars, loves and shifting allegiance in the Royal Court.

I look forward to your comments and Good Luck on the drawing!

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