Getting Closer

The Egyptian government, in its desire to jump start tourism, has been releasing archeological information at a faster pace than it has ever done. This week was a particularly good week for those of you interested in the Old Kingdom.

First Dynasty Tattooes

Exciting news just came out of academic publications this past week, ones that impact all fans and aficionados of First Dynasty era Egypt.

Interview by Scott Peters

I was recently interviewed by Scott Peters, the wonderful children and young adult book author. Peters specializes in mysteries that take place in Ancient Egypt.

The Historical Exodus

It is now time for Passover, one of the two most significant holy days of the Jewish calendar. During the first two nights of Passover, a special meal, known as a Seder, is held that celebrates the Jews’ release from bondage in Egypt. The long-standing question is, did the Exodus really happen?

Herbal Remedies in Ancient Egypt

In all three novels of my First Dynasty Series, I show how ancient Egyptians used various herbals for prevention of illness or to treat various illnesses. I just came across a wonderful blog post from the Manchester (England) Museum Herbarium that provides a round-up of various herbals in use at that time.

Unravel the Mystery of The Underground

More good news for my readers! This week, from Monday, January 12 Pacific time through Wednesday, January 14, I will be promoting one of my works of general fiction on Amazon with a FREE promotion of The Underground. 2014 was a wonderful year as sales of my books have grown. I wanted to share that good fortune with my readers and to also bring some new ones into the fold.

The First Pharaoh’s Free!

Great news! This week, December 28-30, I will be promoting my First Dynasty trilogy this week on Amazon with a FREE promotion of The First Pharaoh. That’s free, as in zip, zilch, nada, gornisht.

In Memory of Kent Haruf

The announcement came this afternoon and put a huge damper on my day. Kent Haruf, one of my favorite authors, is dead at the age of 71.

Death of a River Guide: A Review

I just finished reading “Death of a River Guide” by Richard Flanagan, a Tasmanian author. At the risk of sounding a bit like an overzealous missionary, I have to stay that I was stunned, absolutely bowled over by the prose and the inventive story arc. In short, “Death of a River Guide” is one of the best novels I have ever read, over a period of nearly sixty years of reading novels.