Reader’s Guide

  1. Qa’a’s name means “His Hand Is Raised.” Does that suit him?

  2. Do you see any parallels between the behavior of the early Egyptians and today’s Arab societies?

  3. Were there any aspects of early Egyptian life that surprised you?

  4. What were Qa’a’s strengths and weaknesses?

  5. What in Nomti’s character helped him to embrace his responsibilities and agree to ascend to the throne?

  6. Was Irisi’s decision to accompany Qa’a reasonable?

  7. Should General Nebibi have taken a more active role in preventing the coup?

  8. Was the role that Urshte played ethical?

  9. Was Khenemet a victim of his beliefs or was he a puppet master seeking his own glory?

  10. If you were in Hotepsekhemwy’s sandals, what would your first course of action be to unite the Two Lands?