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Lester Picker

Lester Picker

As a journalist, Les Picker has cruised on a nuclear attack submarine deep in the Pacific Ocean and has climbed the highest peak in the Pyrenes. He has withstood -50-degree Fahrenheit temperatures photographing in the Arctic and survived +120-degree Fahrenheit temperatures living with a Bedouin tribe in Egypt’s Eastern desert. He was nearly bitten by a sea lion in the Galapagos (never stand between a mother and her pup while photographing!) and was chased by a 16-foot alligator in South Africa. 

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Kindle Customer harolyn
Ancient Egypt at its best
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I enjoyed this book just as I did the first one of this trilogy. Author gives such vivid descriptions of the culture. An excellent read!!!
JoAnn M. Macdonald
Another outstanding novel by a relatively new fiction writer!
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As the second book in a trilogy, the author again brilliantly describes ancient Egypt and its history of the pharaohs through credibility of the times and characters. Picker researched for more than two decades before writing his novels and then took another decade to put his knowledge to life in his characters. This book, as was the first, is more than historical fiction--it recounts the human desires, ambitions, and failings of a maturing Egyptian populace. Further, as background to understanding current events in the Mid-East, this book is a MUST read.
Ann Parker
Visiting an ancient time with an expert guide
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This author is able to parachute you into a time so ancient it's difficult to even imagine the span of time between then and now. It is the second in a series of three and recounts the story of the great grand-daughter of the legendary founder of the kingdom of the two lands, which is now called Egypt. She is referred to as Mery in the narrative, and also the masculine Meryt when she becomes Pharoah, regent for her baby son. It's often said that a good story needs a good villain, and this story certainly has that.
Thora Dorn
Nothing is Quite as it Seems - You Have to Read This One.
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As good as the first book in this series, the storyline moves faster, with a lot of plot twists. Set in ancient Egypt, where power and tradition is everything, Lester Picker weaves a tale where nothing is quite as it seems. You have to read this!
Kindle Customer harolyn
Journey back in time
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ancient Egypt at its best. This trilogy is like a game of chess...so loaded with battle strategies. The author describes the people with such precision....I grew to know them.. This First Dynasty adventure was a trip back in time. Thank you, Mr picker for writing about such an amazing period of ancient history!
Dynamite D
Egyptian History
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I am an avid reader of novels based on history as I find them more interesting than the average book. I have enjoyed this trilogy from first through last. The characters were fascinating and the ending made you desire more novels written by this author. Reading was smooth and I didn't have to check back in the book to reread sections because I space off and lose interest if the book gets confusing, dull, or boring. However, I would recommend the trilogy even though each book can stand alone as well. For those who enjoy reading stories about ancient civilizations or have a passion for Egyptian culture this book is the one to read.
Thoroughly enjoyed all three books is this series I was kept ...
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Thoroughly enjoyed all three books is this series I was kept captivated and enthralled through out with many a heart stopping moments at the actions and deeds of the many characters. taking into account this is a fiction book based on facts I am always in awe of the research to create such amazing entertainment by authors and this one in particular has given me further insight into ancient Egypt. That Qa'a erased the hard fought efforts of all his ancestors just about drove me spare and I kept hoping some how he would redeem himself. I was sad to have to leave ancient Egypt on his reign and wished there was a Fourth book.
Particia Welsh
I really enjoyed this book and the other ones that are in ...
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I really enjoyed this book and the other ones that are in the trilogy. I will buy more books about Ancient Egypt.