If you are interested in Ancient Egypt, you may want to check out the July/August, 2014 issue of Archaeology Magazine. “Egypt’s Forgotten Dynasty,” written by Mary Beth Griggs, describes recent digs at Abydos that have unearthed what some Egyptologists believe to be a short-lived dynasty that ruled between 1650 and 1600 B.C.

This dynasty came into existence during the Hyksos invasion and provided a buffer between their rule in the northern Delta region and the traditional 16th Dynasty that still maintained rule in the south. Since Abydos was one of the largest cities in Egypt at the time and an important religious site because it housed the Osiris cult, this dynasty may have arisen to protect the city and give it legitimacy.

In any event, the find is exciting. Digs at the site will continue and we can look forward to more information, and debate, coming from the archaeological team.

One of the take-away lessons from this report is that Egypt was a dynamic society, full of intrigue and drama. My upcoming novel, the third in my First Dynasty Series, describes one such dramatic period at the conclusion of that formative dynasty. The book will be out in the Fall. Stay tuned!

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