New Find Surprises Egyptologists

Well, not exactly tapes, but the first millennium equivalent- papyrus scrolls. Turns out that archaeologists have recently found a papyrus, written by a priest, describing ritual sex. So?

Sex was considered a normal and healthy part of ancient Egyptian life. The recent find was, in fact, from late in Egyptian history, about 1,900 years ago. Texts that describe or counsel healthy sexual relations were common a thousand years before that. Ancient Egyptians differed from their surrounding cultures in many ways, including affording women many basic rights- such as the right to sue in court, to own businesses, to inherit and disburse property, to divorce- that most Middle Eastern countries do not allow even today (including, ironically enough, Egypt). Women were expected to enjoy sex and to experience orgasm. In my novels in The First Dynasty Series women’s sexual rights play an important role.

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