The First Pharaoh Special Edition

I’m excited to report that The First Pharaoh: Special Edition is now available in paperback.

This newly revised edition of the saga of the heroic man who united Upper and Lower Egypt into one Dynastic kingdom is for book lovers who want the feel of a good read in their hands. The original version averages 4.5 stars on Amazon. Yet over the years my readers kept on telling me they wanted more. They wanted me to provide more backstory, fill in details and expand the transition between King Narmer and his heir. In this Special Edition I’ve added five new chapters and filled in more detail elsewhere.

So, if you like the feel of a good book and want to be immersed in the excitement of Ancient Egypt of 3,150 B.C., please purchase a copy of The First Pharaoh: Special Edition. And let fellow readers on Amazon know what you thought of it.

Thanks to all my loyal readers!

Les Picker

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