Here’s a little tip that I’ll share with you. A fellow writer with whom I write every Tuesday morning, urged me to share this with you. I suggested it to him one day when he complained to me about a motivation problem as he faced a blank page the morning after finishing an important chapter in his novel. He has used this tip ever since with a good deal of success.

In a nutshell, I always recommend that you never end your writing session if you just finished a chapter. Always begin at least the first paragraph of your next chapter immediately and only then quit. That way, you don’t face the daunting project of a blank page at your next writing session, especially if more than a day will have passed before you can get back to your keyboard.

In fact, I try to follow that advice myself every day. I like to end the day with something still left to write, so I am motivated to get going, cup of morning tea in hand, the next morning.

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