In all three novels of my First Dynasty Series, I show how ancient Egyptians used various herbals for prevention of illness or to treat various illnesses. I just came across a wonderful blog post from the Manchester (England) Museum Herbarium that provides a round-up of various herbals in use at that time.

Botany in Ancient Egypt- Part 2 explains the various herbals ancient Egyptians used, from papyrus to juniper. This is a nicely illustrated and well written piece by Jemma. If you are interested in Ancient Egypt it is well worth the read.

As I described in The First PharaohThe Dagger of Isis and Qa’a, even as far back as the First Dynasty, some 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians relied on these botanical products. What is amazing to me is that modern medicine has shown some of these herbals to be effective, depending on how they might have been used.

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