Sargent Mountain Available

It has been a while since I first wrote it, but my general fiction novel, Sargent Mountain is now available through Amazon.

The book could also neatly fit into the genre of women’s fiction. It concerns Rose, a middle-aged mother of grown children and step-children, who we meet on the second anniversary of her husband’s death. She is hiking up Sargent Mountain in Maine’s gorgeous Acadia National Park, an activity that her husband and their blended family climbed together every year.

While on the mountain a chance meeting occurs that will shape Rose’s life. She meets a stranger and they instantly bond, despite their many differences.

As a result of that meeting, Rose learns that her husband had an affair. As she digs deeper into the mystery, she finds that it was no casual affair. Her husband, John, had been unfaithful for fully half their twenty year marriage. Rose is devastated.

Yet, Rose courageously tears away the layers of the mystery to ease her sense of betrayal. What she finds, instead, are new meanings of love, family and friendship.

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