Finally! My historical novel, The First Pharaoh is now out as an audiobook. All I can say is “WOW!” For an author this is very exciting.

The audiobook is a close collaboration with my narrator, the incredible Adam Hanin. Superlatives do not do justice to Adam’s interpretation of my writing. To hear my story come alive through his amazing voice and acting abilities is an emotional experience for me. As Adam sent each chapter to me for comment, my wife and I sat mesmerized, sometimes laughing, at other times at the edge of our seats or even crying. It was a real blessing to have Adam understand the story, bond with it, and narrate it so soulfully. Adam, I can’t thank you enough!

There were also lessons that were reinforced in listening to Adam’s narration. I am a firm believer in story-telling, which should be obvious since I am a writer, author and novelist. I have had the privilege of working with Native Americans in my past. Today I count some First Nation people in Canada as my close friends. I have been honored to sit around a fire circle and listen to stories told by tribal elders. There is something primal, bonding, and totally wonderful to be part of that experience, watching babies nursing at their mother’s breasts, children falling asleep to the soothing words of a comforting story told for the umpteenth time, adults absorbing the story lines with new insights.

I do hope you will get a copy of The First Pharaoh on CD, MP3, or whatever is your medium of choice. Curl up on your couch this winter with a cup of tea or java and let yourself be transported to a world 5,000 years ago, to they very beginnings of Egypt’s First Dynasty. Or tune in as you drive to and from work. Either way, Adam and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience.

To order your copy from Amazon, click here.

To order your copy from Audible, click here.

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