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The Backstory

“Moses. The name conjures every possible emotion. From the pious to disbelievers, among Jews, Christians and Muslims, the figure of Moses is embedded deep in our psyches. Who was this iconic man? Was he the wizened, angry man as the Old Testament portrays him? Did he truly lead a great exodus of 600,000 people from bondage to become the three great Abrahamic religions?

The First Pharaoh 03

The First Pharaoh: Special Edition

New Special Edition Now Available!

You, my loyal readers, asked for more… The Special Edition delivers. King Narmer’s story continues through the ascension of his heir. The new book provides more of the detail readers wanted. As a bonus I’ve also included the first three chapters of The Dagger Of Isis, the next book in The First Dynasty series.


The Dagger of Isis

The Backstory

As I researched The First Pharaoh, the opening novel in The First Dynasty Series, I became aware of another amazing story. It turned out that, much to my surprise, there was a woman Pharaoh (although they were actually called kings in those early days).This first woman pharaoh reigned early in the First Dynasty and she was so highly respected she was given a burial place of high honor overlooking a sacred desert mountain pass. I made a casual note to maybe come back to this story at a later time.

Sargent Mountain Ebook


The Backstory

With the sudden death of his father, 16-year old Qa’a is thrust onto the throne, unprepared for rule. He is at the mercy of the cunning Chief Priest, Khenemet and his evil disciple. A chance meeting with a successful trader, Nomti, creates a friendship that brings glory to the Two Lands.

Sargent Mountain Ebook

Sargent Mountain

The Backstory

It was a painful time for me. My mother had just passed away, one of my businesses was rapidly heading south, and I was going through a painful divorce (is there any other kind?).

Those life circumstances forced me to spend time on the road, caring for a dying mother, and in the office, rescuing my publishing business. It also gave me lots of time alone to think.


The Underground

The Backstory

Lisa, a New York Times reporter, was raised by her doting father. But it isn’t until after her father’s death that she finds out that she had been adopted after her mother’s brutal murder. How much did her father know? Was he involved? As Lisa delves further into the mystery she uncovers her surprising roots and learns lessons about life, love and family.