An Apology

by Lester Picker

The third novel in my First Dynasty series about Ancient Egypt was due to be completed by the end of this month. Sadly that will not happen and I am offering a sincere apology - and an explanation for the delay - to my loyal fans.

Here is what happened; lots of foreign travel assignments slashed my writing time. Then, after long contemplating moving our home and my office, we finally bit the bullet (where the heck does that expression come from??) and bought a place. That has entailed all the distractions of moving and fixing up one home for sale and another for living in.

Now I am the type of writer who needs long periods of uninterrupted concentration to write effectively. I need to live in my characters heads so that I think about them and the trials and tribulations they face. I simply cannot dip my toe into the story as chance allows. I have to carve out my writing time and even vigorously defend it. Thankfully my understanding wife supports that neurosis.

In any event, I am committed to getting back to the story line and have even had some interesting plot ideas rolling around in my head during this break. Please stay tuned for updates. And, thanks for your positive and inspiring comments about the first two books in the series: The First Pharaoh and The Dagger of Isis, both available on Amazon.