The Dagger of Isis Now Available in Audio!

by Lester Picker

I am so excited to post this. The Dagger of Isis, the second book in The First Dynasty Series, is now available in audio.

Once again, this second novel is narrated by the incomparable Adam Hanin, whose rich and melodic voice is only matched by his acting abilities, as he switches from character to character, lending each a unique voice. More than that, Adam is uncannily able to age his voice as the characters age through the sweeping historical novel.

If you’d like to know more about how Adam’s and my collaboration works, check out this previous blog.

Ancient Egypt is a rich source of material for we historical novelists. I chose to focus on the very first Dynasty because I was always curious as to how the Dynastic tradition started. Who was it that had the vision to create a unified Egypt, a civilization rich with ritual and tradition, that was to last more than 3,000 years? I found those answers and I wove two tales (the third and final one I am now writing) in The First Pharaoh and The Dagger of Isis. Both are available on Audible and Amazon.

I hope you enjoy them both. The First Pharaoh is enjoying terrific reviews, both in written form and on audio. Please remember to review the books on Amazon, Goodreads and elsewhere after you have read or listened to them.

As always, a big thank you to my loyal readers for your continued support, critiques and suggestions.