Unravel the Mystery of The Underground

by Lester Picker

More good news for my readers! This week, from Monday, January 12 Pacific time through Wednesday, January 14, I will be promoting one of my works of general fiction on Amazon with a FREE promotion of The Underground. 2014 was a wonderful year as sales of my books have grown. I wanted to share that good fortune with my readers and to also bring some new ones into the fold.

The Underground is a psychological mystery. Lisa, a New York Times reporter, was raised by her doting father in New York City. But it isn’t until after her father’s death that she finds out that she had been adopted after her mother’s brutal murder. How much did her father know about the murder? Why was she never told about her adoption? Was he involved?

As Lisa delves further into the mystery she painfully, reluctantly uncovers her surprising roots and learns lessons about life, the many meanings of love and the lasting bonds of family.

You can try The Underground for free as Amazon Kindle book. So, if a good psychological mystery sounds appealing, grab this three-day chance and cuddle up against the winter’s chill as you accompany Lisa on a life-changing quest to find her roots. Just click here to get to my Amazon Author’s Page. where you will find The Undergound.

Once you are done reading The Underground, I do hope you will choose to review the book on Amazon and Goodreads. Reader reviews help both readers and authors. Even if you do not like a book (no book is for everyone’s tastes), it helps readers to understand your likes and dislikes before they buy. And, if you love The Underground - and I hope you will - please sing its praises eloquently online and recommend it to friends.

Best wishes to all my readers for a mostly happy and wonderfully productive 2015!