Nonfiction Writing

by Lester Picker

Nonfiction Writing

I am also a non-fiction writer, author and professional photographer with more than 650 published credits in major national magazines, newspapers, books and specialty publications. I thrive on challenging assignments and take pride in delivering photo-writing packages that give the reader a lively, multi-sensory feeling of people and place.

I have known Les for approximately twelve years, during which time he has written many times for our family of publications, including Fortune Small Business and Money. Les (has) strong journalistic credentials, high energy and dedication to his craft. It is uncommon for a writer to consistently meet deadlines. Les has always met his. Furthermore, he is accurate and able to explain complex concepts in terms that readers can readily understand. Les is a seasoned journalist, with wide-ranging national and international experience.Brian Dumaine, Senior Editor, Fortune Magazine

Here is a partial list of publications for which I have written and/or photographed, many of them more than once:

  • National Geographic WORLD Magazine
  • National Geographic Books
  • Forbes
  • Fortune Small Business
  • Money
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Oceans
  • National Parks
  • The Baltimore Sun
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • Time, Inc. Publications
  • Johns Hopkins Women’sHealth
  • Bloomberg Personal Finance
  • Verizon

For examples of my photography please visit my photography gallery or my blog.